Australian and Dubbo champion Zong-Yuan Zhao

2nd on Countback, George Xie

Trevor Bemrose presents Fritz the Country Trophy,
whose name now goes on it for the 4th time
- 1987; 2004 and shared it in 2005 with Alan Tankel)

some of the 24 boards - round 3
                                                                                                                                                TOURNAMENT REPORT - 10th ANNIVERSARY DUBBO RSL OPEN 2010


The 10th Dubbo RSL Open Chess Championships incorporating the 2010 NSW Country Championships was a class 3 Yulgilbar-Think Big Australian Grand Prix event held over March 20th and 21st weekend in the brilliant outback city of Dubbo.


The event saw 48 participants from around city and country NSW, Queensland and the usual large ACT contingent vie for top honours in the 6 round tournament. Currently Oceania’s highest rated chess player GM Zong Yuan Zhao was the top seed and was expected to face stiff competition from IM George Xie (NSW) and Vladimir Smirnov (NSW).


Day 1 saw the top rated opponents make easy work of the lower boards. GM Zhao and IM Xie did not face much difficulty in attaining full points, however it is only fair to say that they were both 500 points higher rated then many of their opponents and any dent in 100% would have been a major upset. Joining the two at the top were past champion Tony Weller (Qld) and ACT junior Allen Setiabudi who  played the match of the day against David Castor (NSW), brilliantly manoeuvring his rook-pawn ending to squeeze out the full point even being down to less than 10 seconds at one stage.  V Smirnov followed the lead pack half a point behind.


Day 2 started the same with the top boards doing what was needed. It was only in round 5 that the clash of the heavyweights began as GM Zhao white against IM Xie on the top board saw a slow steady game end in a draw.  On the second board Shaun Press (ACT) held his own against V Smirnov only succumbing after losing a poorly supported e7 pawn.


With the last round to go it was a three way tie, and the pairings saw V Smirnov go to the top board against GM Zhao while IM Xie had Emma Guo (ACT) to contend with. Both Zhao and Xie won their games. Zhao provided an exciting finish when with seconds left on his clock he found a clever knight sacrifice allowing his pawn through to promote.


The NSW Country Championships was won by Fritz Van Der Wal (Orange) on tie break edging out a string of country players, Castor, Colin Bemrose, John Marsden, Trevor Bemrose and Slavko Kojic.


[By FA Dr Jashint Maharaj]

bottom 2 photos courtesy Alexander Aich, 2010
Captions Keith Farrell, 2010
No  Name                  Feder Loc  Total  1    2    3    4    5    6  

1.  Zhao, Zong-Yuan       NSW   2606 5.5   25:W 14:W  8:W 10:W  2:D  3:W
2.  Xie, George           NSW   2463 5.5   26:W 15:W  7:W 11:W  1:D  8:W
3.  Smirnov, Vladimir     NSW   2316 4.5   27:W   :D 12:W 13:W  7:W  1:L
4.  Castor, David         NSW   1925 4     28:W 16:W 11:L 15:L 25:W 13:W
5.  Bemrose, Colin J      TAS   1845 4     29:W 18:W 10:L 16:D  9:D 17:W
6.  Marsden, John A       NSW   1817 4     30:W 17:W 13:L 19:W 12:D 15:D
7.  Press, Shaun P        ACT   1790 4     31:W 20:W  2:L 22:W  3:L 33:W
8.  Guo, Emma             ACT   1783 4     32:W 19:W  1:L 17:W 13:W  2:L
9.  Smirnov, Anton        NSW   1783 4     33:W   :D 15:L 28:W  5:D 19:W
10. Van Der Wal, Fritz W  NSW   1737 4     34:W 21:W  5:W  1:L 15:L 30:W
11. Setiabudi, Allen      ACT   1727 3.5   35:W 22:W  4:W  2:L 14:D 16:L
12. Bemrose, Trevor       NSW   1718 4     36:W 24:W  3:L 35:W  6:D 14:D
13. Weller, Tony          QLD   1708 3     37:W 47:W  6:W  3:L  8:L  4:L
14. Ali, Mosaddeque       ACT   1690 4     38:W  1:L 26:W 21:W 11:D 12:D
15. Deen-Cowell, Nicholas NSW   1662 4.5   39:W  2:L  9:W  4:W 10:W  6:D
16. Chibnall, Alana       ACT   1513 4.5   40:W  4:L 25:W  5:D 24:W 11:W
17. Mann, Garry           NSW   1485 3     41:W  6:L 27:W  8:L 29:W  5:L
18. Egan, Bill            ACT   1453 2.5   42:W  5:L 28:D 30:D 47:D 21:L
19. Losh, Gary            NSW   1439 3     43:W  8:L 29:W  6:L 27:W  9:L
20. Aich, Alexander       NSW   1425 2.5   44:W  7:L 30:D 47:D 32:D 28:L
21. Kojic, Slavko         NSW   1425 4     45:W 10:L 33:W 14:L 35:W 18:W
22. Pascoe, John L        NSW   1393 3     46:W 11:L 32:W  7:L 30:L 47:W
23. Clark, Neil           NSW   1358 3     47:L 36:W 35:L 34:W 33:L 43:W
24. Ross, Bill            NSW   1345 2.5   48:W 12:L 47:D 31:W 16:L 32:L
25. Farrell, Keith R      NSW   1301 3      1:L 38:W 16:L 36:W  4:L 35:W
26. Aich, Ramon           NSW   1277 2.5    2:L 37:W 14:L 43:L 31:D 42:W
27. Sumner, John          NSW   1268 3      3:L 40:W 17:L 42:W 19:L 34:W
28. Davidson, Jamie       NSW   1231 3.5    4:L 39:W 18:D  9:L 43:W 20:W
29. Hochstadt, Robert     QLD   1222 3      5:L 42:W 19:L 46:W 17:L 44:W
30. Parsons, Colin J      NSW   1220 3      6:L 41:W 20:D 18:D 22:W 10:L
31. Wilkie, Mary E        NSW   1187 3      7:L 44:D 34:W 24:L 26:D 38:W
32. Kethro, Michael       ACT   1055 3.5    8:L 43:W 22:L 41:W 20:D 24:W
33. Guo, Jamie-Lee        ACT   1040 3      9:L 46:W 21:L 40:W 23:W  7:L
34. Aylwin, Helen         NSW   934  2     10:L 45:W 31:L 23:L 40:W 27:L
35. Dowton, Norman        NSW   875  2     11:L 48:W 23:W 12:L 21:L 25:L
36. Momot, Alex           NSW   820  1     12:L 23:L 44:W 25:L 41:L 45:L
37. Tran, Jordan          NSW   537  2     13:L 26:L 42:L 44:D 46:D 48:W
38. Press, Harry          ACT   391  2     14:L 25:L 43:L 45:W 42:W 31:L
39. Anemaat, Paul         NSW        1     15:L 28:L 46:L 48:W 44:L 40:L
40. Chow, Jingming        ACT        2     16:L 27:L 45:W 33:L 34:L 39:W
41. Cummins, Joe                     3     17:L 30:L 48:W 32:L 36:W 46:W
42. Frank, Johan                     1     18:L 29:L 37:W 27:L 38:L 26:L
43. Gleeson, Grant        ACT        2     19:L 32:L 38:W 26:W 28:L 23:L
44. Lanspeary, Grace      ACT        2     20:L 31:D 36:L 37:D 39:W 29:L
45. Merrick, Brandon                 1     21:L 34:L 40:L 38:L 48:L 36:W
46. Merrick, Jarrad                  1.5   22:L 33:L 39:W 29:L 37:D 41:L
47. Santos, Robert                   2.5   23:W 13:L 24:D 20:D 18:D 22:L
48. Sibik, Victor                    1     24:L 35:L 41:L 39:L 45:W 37:L